Help Turkey, Economıst tells EU

The world’s largest community of Syrians escaping civil conflict has moved into Turkey. Despite its open-door policy, Turkey is failing to integrate about two million migrants, according to the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) 2015, a report released on June 23. “Turkey is shouldering a much larger of burden than richer countries in Europe and could be helped more by European Union,” stated Dr Rainer Münz, the head of the Austrian Erste Bank’s Research and Development Department.

Dr Münz says Turkey has developed a tolerance to refugees. “They don’t try to push refugees back to Syria or moving them on into Europe. So we, the West Europe, could do a lot more to help Turkey,” he added. The European Union can give both logistical and informational help, but also money to integrate migrants. According to the economist, the first step should be taken in the field of education. Children should be integrated by offering Turkish language classes.